• In line with European strategic priorities, the project will provide participating organisations with a set of tangible innovative and high-quality results to address the key role played by netiquette in adult learners’ daily lives, educational settings and the workplace. And it will also tackle common needs and challenging issues that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in the participating countries, which uncovered the centrality of adult education and lifelong learning to foster digital readiness.
  • Netiquette+ envisages to promote low skilled adults’ and adult learner’s critical purposeful use of digital technologies and meaningful participation in democratic societies.

  • Considering the challenges and opportunities arising from digital transformation and the persisting inequalities and barriers constraining adult learners proficient, confidence and responsible usage of digital technologies, the Netiquette+ project objective is twofold:

    1. To provide participating organisations with a set of tangible results to support adult educators in the process of mainstreaming and transferring relevant knowledge and skills on netiquette;
    2. To foster low skilled adults’ and adult learner’s awareness, knowledge and skills to take part in the digital society critically, consciously and responsibly.
  • The Netiquette+ project tackles a strategic priority for Europe and a challenging issue for all participating countries: the low-skilled adults and adult learners’ capacity to engage positively, critically and responsibly with digital technologies, through the provision of netiquette skills and competences. Therefore, for the 9 partner organisations, from Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, Spain, France, Turkey) this project within the Erasmus+ programme is a unique opportunity to address a common gap, to exchange knowledge, experiences and practices, which are key to foster transnational cooperation and innovation, as much as to broaden the transferability and sustainability of the project results.

    Most importantly, such collaboration is key to conceive a set of tangible Pan-European innovative Adult Education
    results, tailored to empower adult learners for them to become active digital citizens.

    Furthermore, adult educators will also be better prepared to guide adult learners throughout their learning process and to better advise them about the adoption of suitable standards of conduct in the digital arena.


  • CARDET (Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, research and development organization based in Cyprus, with partners around the world. CARDET is one of the leading institutions in the Euro-Mediterranean region for research and development. Our team strives to offer the highest quality services to benefit society. The organization collaborates with local and international organizations, public and private bodies, and across diverse disciplines in designing solutions for local and global challenges in Asia, Europe, and the USA. The CARDET team has successfully completed more than 200 projects in more than 40 countries, reaching out to more than a million people.

  • AHINSA is a private institution located in Prague, Czech Republic, established in January 2013. Operating in the field of adult education, the company has been accredited to carry out educational programmes accredited for purposes of the law No 563/2004 Coll., on Pedagogical Staff and on Amendments to Some Acts. AHINSA focuses on designing and providing training activities to enhance lifelong learning. It aims at developing an open educational society, information, consultation and guidance activities in the framework of lifelong learning. The organization is experienced in designing training courses, development of training materials, as well as in the organization and delivery of training activities. AHINSA’s staff has conceived and delivered adult education courses about the following topics: trends in distance learning, distance study texts development; guidance during the process of obtaining a professional qualification/full qualification in crafts; trends in work-life balance; overcoming barriers do distance learning; principles of self-study and effective e-learning education; facilitation, coaching and mentoring in counseling activities in continuing education; principles of rhetoric and communication skills development for counselors; improving social climate at school; development of an effective continuing education system for quality and evaluation; presentation skills and persuasive communication.
  • Mindshift is a consulting company specialised in Human Resources that invests in the performance and upskilling of people’s competences, seeking to boost the digital and interpersonal maturity in organisations and society.

    At national level, Mindslhift has as one of its main partners The Key Talent Portugal, a HR Tech Consulting specialised in Social Attraction and Talent Assessment that develops platforms, such as Panorama and AplyGo, that allow to optimise, implement and manage digital, agile and attractive HR processes based on data analysis.

    At European level, we are a strategic partner for the development of transnational cooperation projects aiming to create innovative solutions in the area of youth and adult training, in six key-areas: upskilling & reskilling, inclusion & employability, sustainable development, women empowerment, entrepreneurship & creativity, and digital talent.

    Mindshift is strongly committed to the principles of Social Responsibility and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, bringing together a team of staff with various backgrounds and professional experience.

  • assist Gesellschaft für Personalentwicklung und Unternehmensberatung mbH offers intercultural training, leadership training, communication training as well as coaching, consulting and international workshops with innovative, blended learning instruments to support the sustainable development of international teams, leaders and global organisations.

    With our experience in the development of training materials combined with our unique blended learning concept, Smart international Learning, we complement our face-to-face training with innovative learning formats to optimise the learning efficiency and sustainability of training content and competence.

    Our customers are both public and private sector, international corporations, larger and medium sized organisations. Since 2014, assist International HR is also involved in EU-project partnerships, providing intercultural know-how for online learning.

  • Asserted Knowledge (AKNOW) is a technical consulting and staff sourcing company providing highly skilled ICT services and staff to organisations. An important service provision which differentiates AKNOW from other consultancies is our approach to business analysis reports which is based on the utilisation of the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN). AKNOW’s staff have many years of commercial experience supporting large, multinational ICT integrators and a profound experience in coordinating several publicly funded projects from Framework Programme 6, 7 and the Life Long Programme. AKNOW’s current activities are focused on training through innovative methodologies for e-learning, personalised training approaches, provision of targeted sustainability training to SMEs, dissemination and quality assurance methodologies and tools focused on targeted quality metrics and best practices/lessons learned from programmes.

  • FCB is an NGO based in Belgium which wants to develop and promote training and adult education, particulary in Brussels and globally in the french speaking region. It was established in 2019 to meet the needs of  all citizens who wish to participate in various learning activities in order to increase active citizenship. FCB aims, through education, training and  the fight against inequalities, to build the conditions for the emancipation of people and an active citizenship, without any exclusion.

  • INFODEF, Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training, is a private and independent centre for Research, Development and Innovation whose mission is to design and carry out projects that contribute to achieve a sustainable and inclusive development through education, culture and innovation. The centre designs and develops innovative tools, methodologies, products and services that respond to current social and economic challenges and enable to anticipate and drive the changes needed to achieve future goals and objectives in society. 

    INFODEF supports the modernisation of educational systems and the pedagogical innovativeness of public and private educational institutions at national and European levels.

  • Management and coordination platform for the actions of local stakeholder systems, AGFE – Association de Gestion des Fonds Européens (European Fund Management Association) – strengthens coherence and effectiveness of the various public interventions in the field of training, employment and inclusion including pooling of financial assistance from local authorities with the State, supported by the European Union in particular via the European Social Fund (ESF) and Erasmus+.


    AGFE works with the aim of strengthening social integration and contribute to improve the quality and diversity of the integration, while meeting the challenges of the territorialisation of actions. In addition to our territorial engineering mission, aimed at building integrated stakeholder systems in the field of employment, economic integration and training,

    AGFE has set up an international mobility programme for people under social inclusion. The aim is to structure an integration process, in particular for young people with fewer opportunities.

  • The Education for Future Association (GED) is a platform where knowledge, experience, models and analyses are shared for the solution of today’s educational problems that are crucial to humanity and for the construction of the education system that will emerge today.

    On this platform; expertise of educators, experts, public administrators and state officials who have gained success in the field of education will be used for the solution of national and global education problems. Our association has made it its mission to collaborate with these distinguished participants to make a significant contribution to the solution of existing problems and the construction of future education. GED evaluates Adaptive Education, Flipped Classroom, Gamification and Distance Education studies holistically. Educators produce projects, provide solutions and draw roadmaps on the evaluation and development of training of the education they give through these platforms.

    The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Project number: 2021-1-CZ01-KA220-ADU-000035241